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Topic: HD-DVD vs BLU-RAY
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It's sort of a blessing and a curse for consumers like me. I have a rather large collection of SD DVDs with an ED projector. I'm just DYING to spend my money on an HD projector and player, but the format war is tying my wallet up until a victor is announced.

It's a curse because there are some visually stunning films that I would love to own on an HD format. Notables include Blade Runner, the soon to be released Sunshine, Lost in Translation, etc. Watching demo videos at the local big box store is depressing because even with the uncalibrated, too bright pictures of the LCDs on display, the non-compression, screen-door-less image is maddeningly superior to the DVD versions I own.

I've been renting a lot more these days. Why buy DVDs when they're on their way out the door? So the film/media industry has lost a sale from guys like me who don't want to invest on old formats, yet don't want to be stuck with the losing future format.

It's a blessing because the longer I wait, the better the quality and less expensive the projectors get! At this rate I might be able to squeeze a 1080p projector into my budget range with money left over for a definitive HD player in the next year.
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Well Jibbly, I gave in and purchased an HD-A3, for $169 from Sears, plus the 7 free HD movies. Over the Thanksgiving weekend. I figured If HD loses out who cares. It only cost me $169 for a player that does a better job of upscaling standard Dvd's than the over priced Oppo player. I figured I rather make a mistake under $200, instead of a $400 one with Blu-ray if they were to lose the format war.

But I agree, it's frustrating seeing movies that I love only on Blu-ray. So far The A3, has been great. The sound is fantastic. I to own an ED projector, so your not going to see much difference between an HD movie and standard DVD. Because of the great job the player does with upscaling, The newer SD DVD's look as good as there HD counterparts. Thats going to change for me after Christmas, when I purchase the Mits-HC1500. "Projector People" has it for $849 plus if you type in "save50" under the coupon area, you get an extra $50 off.

So $799 Right now. During Thanksgiving weekend Projector People had it for $799 plus the the $50 off. My wife talked me out of it. I could have had it for $749. I'm still kicking myself for that blunder.
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I've got an angle that might take you all by suprise. After purchasing several Hd-dvd's and owning 100's of SD-DvDs, I've come to the realization that the movies you would THINK would be so great in HD are not THAT great and others that you wouldn't are.... Let me clairfy:

Usually the blockbuster movies that justify high ticket home theatre equipment: i.e. transformers, spiderman, (insert high buck but fairly lame summer movie here) etc... are so action packed and quickly paced that the HD is almost hard to apprecitate because they move too damn fast to appreciate the quality. Whereas slow moving movies (ones you don't really care are in HD) look so amazing because you can study the shot for awhile. You'll notice if you have Discovery HD channel that almost everything they showcase is slow moving. Sports also look amazing because for the most part they are static shots. You see what I'm saying?

If you put a scene from transformers in sd compared to Hd, because the movie never stops moving, you'd be hardpressed to REALLY appreciate any difference... (but I'm still glad I bought the HD-DVD.)

Don't get me wrong I LOVE HD stuff, but you find out things aren't always as you expect.

ONE THING I really do hate is having to download updates for movies. I think that is really heading the wrong direction.
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Has the adult film industry chose a side?
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Quote (1080p on Dec 25, 2007 10:32 PM):
Has the adult film industry chose a side?

Depends on where you are.

In Japan, Blu-ray basically owns the market with over 90% ownership of that area. Plenty of adult titles readily available.

In the USA, initial support was put towards HD DVD, with a few titles on Blu-ray, but more recently, more support has been directed towards Blu-ray as well. The exact reasoning was that Blu-ray was more expensive than HD DVD to produce, but pricing has dropped significantly over the last year.

I don't think the adult film industry will play nearly the role it did with DVD... or VHS/Beta as the Internet offers so much possibility, and DVD is far easier to produce to at this time.

If we see a move from Warner Brothers early this year, then we (consumers) will have a pretty good idea if we will have a Blu only world, or a Red/Blu world. I personally have no idea.
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