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Topic: HD Tuner needed
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I received my DB-4 antenna yesterday...haven't installed it yet, but it got me to thinking...I need an HD Tuner!

Does one exist w/ "dual inputs"? I'd like to be able to hook up my HD Antenna _and_ my regular basic cable line.
I'd need it to have HDMI out, probably support 1080i and p...? It would be feeding a Benq W500.

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The type you want I've never heard of. For your cable, just run it through a VCR and onto your A/V receiver which does upconverting. But, an HD ATSC receiver is tough to find stand alone at a decent price. I use an old Sony SAT-HD200 satellite receiver to get my OTA HD channels. Works well with my antenna and not to expensive via eBay.
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