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Topic: @#$! Subwoofer..ARRRRGGGGH!!
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Can you give a model number or link for your Pioneer?

I know this might be a stretch, but is there any way for you to take a better/closer picture of the back panel on the Sub and upload it to the forum here. The ones in the link you gave give a general idea as to how it looks but I am unable to see exactly what is what on the knobs...

It still sounds like you are just having an issue with how the Pioneer is setup..

Did you get any kind of documentation as to what the responce range of the driver is?
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Here's a link to the amp:

Realistically what needs to be done is that you need to do some homework on crossovers and system equalization. It sounds to me like you have the subwoofer turned up a bit to loud and that your crossover is set to high. So, you are driving your sub with more midlevel stuff than you want and not enough bass. This is likely enhanced by having smaller speakers in the room which don't do much to fill in the mids as well as they should producing muddied sound and a poor cross frequency range from the mains to the sub.

I would lower the crossover frequency in the Pioneer AV Receiver (AVR) and then just spend some time tweaking and playing with things - including moving the subwoofer around the room as sub location can play a great part in impact and sound quality, as can the actual harmonics of the room.
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