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Topic: Protecting your DVDs?
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Hope this is the right section - I was wondering how and what people here had to protect or fix DVDs? I have a small library of DVDs and seems no matter how careful I am I always end up getting a scratch or something on one. Whats really bad is when its on disk from a box set (ex. I have all the X - Files) As of right now there is a mom and pop video store in town that has a machine that will refinish DVDs but they are going out of business in Oct. Why on earth did the powers that be make DVDs SO VERY delicate? Any suggestions on good products to use or how to keep DVDs from getting Scratched so easy? I even got a movie that was brand new opened it put it in the DVD player started watching and about 45 min. into it the movie froze and when I took it out a nice big gash near the center playing part of the DVD and this was brand new out of the box. Seems for the money they could make them more durrable.
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I use the Skip Dr. manufactured by Digital Innovations, which makes several products for disc care and repair ( It is relatively inexpensive and does a great job of eliminating scratches that interfere with playback.

No matter how the disc is designed and manufactured, accidents will happen. In the past, I too have experienced problems with a disc right out of the case. I simply returned it to the place of purchase for a replacement, which solved that problem.

By the way, I have learned to give the case a shake before purchasing. If I hear a rattling sound, it indicates that the spindle in the case is broken and that would increase the likelihood of the disc being scratched as it has slid over the broken spindle during normal shipping and handling.
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DVD disc are one of today's incredible miracles. Particularly the new HD discs. The advantages they offer in terms of compactness, picture and sound quality, relative lack of degradation with time, etc. are truly amazing. The trick to protecting them lies, obviously enough, in handling them with care.