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Topic: Opo 981 vs 970
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I have a couple of questions on the Opo DVD players. I’m trying to decide between the 981 & the 970. The difference is cost is marginal but I have a Benq 8700 that is 720P maximum resolution. Are there other features to the 981 that are worth buying for the $80 premium? I can’t take advantage of the 1080P. Also, do they both have discrete codes for on/off. The toggle on by Bravo V2, which just died, was a nightmare with my macros.

Anyone use either model through an HDMI to DVI adapter? Any quality loss?

Thanks in advance
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I sure hope someone who knows what they are talking about eventually reponds to your post becuase I am thinking about doing the same thing. I suppose that my AX-100 isn't 1080 really doesn't matter since I would expect the Oppo to well outlast the projector. So, I know that there is someone out there that could comment on this, talk to us already (I can't afford to but them both and find out for myself)!
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If you plan on purchasing a 1080p projector within the next couple of years go with the 980, if not I would buy the 970. The 970 has received more than its share of awards so you will not regret that decision.

Good luck with whatever choice you make.
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I have a 971H on a Benq Pe7700 projector. The picture quality is vary good. I can speak about the connector DVI to HDMI on my PE 7700 has no quality issues what so ever.

I really don't think an "upscale 1080P" is going to give you all that much in the picture quality dept, on a 720P machine.

I hardly ever us the Oppo anymore as the HD-DVD does a little better job on the up scale of normal DVD and the quality of a true 720 HD signal to the 720 chip is outstanding.

I paid $399 for the A2 HD DVD and it up scales slightly better than my 200 buck Oppo, so I feel I got HD DVD player for 200 bucks.......well that's how my brain works anyway..... My Oppo is now the back up!!

Hope this helps a little.