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Topic: My home theater project.
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The set up:
13.9’ x 9.5’ room with a 45 Dge. wall at back of room.

Total estimated cost without labor $8,000.00 (Me and my Brother in-law was the labor)

Mitsubishi HC3 Projector $850.00
Yamaha Receiver 7.5 $320.00
Bose 6 speaker $800.00
Phillips DVD $60.00
Logitech 880 Harmony (run my lights too!) $170.00

Because of the room size I had to come up with a plane so I could fit more then 2 people in comfortably. It took me some time to figure it out and now my dream came true.

Screen was made with trim you can get from your local hardware store. The screen its self was painted on the wall with Goo screen paint. Total cost about $160.00

Seating is where I had a hard time trying to find something that would work. After searching and visiting stores I got fed up. The problem is that the room is too small for recliner type seating. So on to plan B, Movie type seating! That was the key!! And I was able to find a place that had the right type that would work perfect for my room. The Star Delight Home Theater seats are 43” tall and have an auto-folding seat just like the movie theater, however better made.

I built a 10” tall platform for the back role (10” high because of the seats being 43” tall) that gave me enough room for 3 seats and the front row I was able to install 4 seats. Movie chairs cost $3,200.00 for 7. That was a great price for quality chairs.

I build an in wall cabinet to house all my electronics. I was able to do this because there was a cavity (open space behind the wall) that gave me enough room to run my wiring and build the cabinet. This gave me more room for seating.

The screen curtain was had made by ME! And yes some men do know how to use a sawing machine. To buy a curtain like the one I made would have cost $600.00. I made mine for $120.00! and that included the cost of a new sawing machine.

This was a hard project but a very rewarding one!

I hope this will help anyone that has a small space and needs ideals.


The first set up-1

360 × 480 pixels (139.33 KB)

The first set up-2

450 × 600 pixels (197.57 KB)

The first set up-3

800 × 600 pixels (88.48 KB)

The first set up-4

1280 × 960 pixels (98.87 KB)

Construction 1

500 × 375 pixels (75.52 KB)

Construction 2

500 × 375 pixels (83.19 KB)

Construction 3

640 × 480 pixels (61.62 KB)

Construction 4

619 × 480 pixels (56.48 KB)

Construction 5

640 × 480 pixels (79.10 KB)

New Setup-1

640 × 480 pixels (70.47 KB)

New Setup-2

640 × 480 pixels (79.97 KB)

New Setup-3

640 × 480 pixels (104.23 KB)

New Setup-4

640 × 480 pixels (89.37 KB)

New Setup-5

640 × 480 pixels (112.81 KB)

Projector 1

640 × 480 pixels (100.43 KB)

Movie Shot

1280 × 960 pixels (105.76 KB)
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Great Job! I really like the theater chairs. Are you in the US or Canada? Would you care to share where I can get some?

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I am in the US down south in Texas.

the seats are from they are located in Florida.
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Thanks! I will check them out.
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Nice Job, it's great when a plan comes together.
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