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Topic: Optoma UHZ50 and UHZ55 Projectors for 3D
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I use Optoma 3D projectors that have a 3D sync output, with an external electro-optical modulator and low-cost circularly polarized 3D eyeglasses. What are the differences between the older UHZ50 projector and the newer UHZ55 projector, besides case colors (white vs black)? Is it the Google Assistant for the UHZ55? Any other important differences? Thanks for any advice.
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That's a super specific question which isn't likely to be answered here. You may have better luck at AVS Forum with something so technical as it will likely need owners to give a response.

More likely is that this may require an email to Optoma to get the detailed answer you are hoping for. If you get it, then come back and post what those differences may be.

Most year to year updates, are just updates. New circuitry on the boards which allows them to get replacement parts more easily. Small refinements here and there to various things that weren't working as well as they should be. Maybe a feature or two is added along the way. But, other details often aren't published and head-to-head considerations are rarely posted by manufacturers.
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