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Topic: Cineversum black wing 2
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Hi There
I have had a Cineversum black wing 2 projector for a few years and its been great. The bulb went and it started blinking on and off and then died completely.
The repair guy says its likely the power supply but doesn't know it is.
Cineversum wont reply to my emails or phone calls in english and French despite saying they will on their web site.So no product support at all.
There doesn't seem to be anyone in the UK who knows about these units.
does anyone have a wiring diagram or know a repairer for these or any suggestions on how to fix it ?

Thank you

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These are typically just repackaged/rebranded JVC projectors. It was at at a time when JVC was doing this for a number of manufacturers who wanted to slightly tweak or just rebadge the JVC models. So, you want to find a place which is an authorized JVC repair/service center and ask if they are able to help you out with this 'off brand' JVC product. Internally it will be identical to other JVC models they have seen.

This is what I would do. I would call JVC and ask about JVC service centers in the UK to help take care of your product. If they aren't all that helpful because of what you own, I'd probably just say you have a JVC and pick a year that's close to what you have. Say you don't have access to the serial number at the moment, but that you had tried a new lamp, and that was not the problem, so you are looking for a service center you can send it in to locally. They should be able to help you out.

Please keep in mind, many JVC repairs run in excess of $500, and this model is over 15 years old. It may be based on the RS1 or RS2 from JVC. So, check for used pricing before spending a bunch on a repair of a very old projector like this one. There are a number of RS1 and RS2 models for under $500 that may be out there. Along with newer models which are a bit more, but may be a fair bit newer and brighter overall.
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Thank you for your response, very helpful