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Topic: Ultra Short throw 120' ALR screen reflection question
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Hello Everyone,
I just setup my Hisense px2 pro Ust projector a couple months ago originally I had a 110' elite screen sable frame b2 matte white 1.3 gain which worked fine no issues.
I've upgraded to a 120' nothing projector ALR Pet crystal 0.8 gain screen which gave me better black levels and daytime viewing.

After installing the screen l've noticed a reflection in the center of the screen which is apparent when watching scenes that have light colored backgrounds especially hockey it's more orange then white . Is this a screen quality issue or is this normal if so is there any way to correct this .Ive attached a couple of examples. Thanks in advance.
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Reflection 3

231 × 500 pixels (120.47 KB)

Reflection 2

500 × 375 pixels (64.11 KB)


500 × 375 pixels (71.93 KB)

Old screen no reflections

500 × 375 pixels (56.38 KB)

Reflection on pure white screen

375 × 500 pixels (47.68 KB)
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I'm the same person answering your question over at Reddit. You may find you have more luck asking this over at AVS Forum in their UST section of the forums as there will be a lot more traffic with people that have experience with those screens and UST projectors. Including that specific model
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