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Topic: Formovie Theater 4K Washed out black
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Hello everyone. I own a Formovie Theater 4K Laser TV with a CLR screen and, for the most part, I'm quite pleased with it. I can completely darken the room. However, this seems to have little effect because the Laser TV is so bright - even with a black image - that black scenes are rendered gray. For instance, when I place my hand in front of the projector, the shadow it casts appears as a deep black in comparison. This really detracts from the viewing experience. I've experimented with numerous settings, including activating the night mode, but the issue remains unresolved. I'm starting to wonder if this is a common problem. It's curious, as there seems to be little discussion about this. Here are two pictures as well. In the lower one, you can see a shadow that I created to demonstrate the difference. I'm at my wit's end. Do you have any ideas? Is this normal?


Sample Picture

920 × 920 pixels (99.74 KB)
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The Formovie is a very solid UST model by most accounts. You may have better luck with this question though in the owner's thread over at AVS Forum. I just don't have the experience, and we don't see enough traffic through here to give you a proper answer to this question.
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