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Topic: Espon TW6150 picture settings
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Just bought an Espon TW6150 as a first 4k projector to replace my ancient Sony VW12HT.

Whilst I wasn't expecting the best picture I am quite disappointed with the picture out of the box. The colour on peoples faces are too red for example.

I read online that this projector needs to be calibrated using the projector central picture settings to get the best from it.

Any idea where I can find these settings?

The projector is being using in a dedicated cinema room on a screen with controlled lighting.

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Make sure you don't have the projector in HDR mode when feeding it a SDR image, and vice-versa, as that impacts the color of the image you will get on screen.

The TW6150 should be the same model as the 2350 in the USA, and that review with calibrated settings can be found here...

Enjoy it!
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