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Topic: Canvas, Vinyl or poly for projector screen
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I am looking to create a makeshift projector screen for myself in my basement. I'm trying to figure out which material would be better, canvas or vinyl? I would need something roughly 12x15 like:

It will be indoors in my basement being hung up on the wall.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Obviously, 12x15 isn't a standard aspect ratio for modern 16:9 home theater projectors, and that's a massive size which needs to be taken into account with any projector purchase, but the reality is that whatever you get needs to be really flat for best results and should be a neutral color with low texture and high dispersion and low reflectivity. This is why screens actually are 'screens'. These considerations are taken into account. A typical fabric is blackout cloth.

I'm not sure there is anything wrong with the product you linked, but since it has not been tested as a screen material, it's impossible to say how it will perform, or how it compares to other materials. Canvas, I would think, would have a lot of texture to it compared to vinyl, so most screens are coated in some sort of vinyl like surface, but that surface can vary wildly.

I have found, that actual testing of REAL screen materials is getting more and more difficult to come by these days. It's just a massive undertaking and screen manufacturers aren't stepping up and sending in 7 or 8 100" diagonal screens to be properly evaluated. Let along some random company selling tarps. Maybe it's great, maybe not. But, it's hard to tell.

A good place for a reasonably well reviewed screen material is Carl's Place...

But, it may not be the size you're looking for. They do a lot with Golf Simulator setups as well.
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