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Topic: Problem with subtitles with depth and border in smaller projection.
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Good morning everyone, I would like to understand what is happening with this recent projector that I bought on Amazon. Salange N1.
The white subtitles have a kind of deep shadow. I didn't experience this with my old projector, I wanted a newer one, but I believe I will return to Amazon.

Another thing, I made a modification to change the size of the transmitted screen, as I thought it was too big, after changing it to a smaller size, the transmission had a border where the original screen size would be, is it possible to remove this??

Attached photo demonstrating both problems.


Both problemas in one image.

614 × 690 pixels (48.40 KB)
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Being fair, please understand that what you bought is a cheap toy, it's not a proper projector by any means. So, the answers you will get now will reflect that massive problem...

The image looks bad because the optics included are absolutely bottom of the line. You end up with blurry images, smeared text, and a otherwise generally soft image. As optics are one of the most expensive parts of any projector, it's the one that cheap projectors cheap out on the most. This is the result. It's not something you can fix. It's just the way it is. If you CENTER your projector to the screen and place it at the proper distance, you may have a slightly better looking image.

The light halo around the image is because you are using less of the imaging LCD. It's not like that disappears, it's still there, and there will be light around it. The light border is always going to be there. Yes, you can get rid of it. Turn off DIGITAL zoom, and just move the projector in the room where it is supposed to be placed. That will not only get rid of the light border, but will also improve resolution and image brightness.

Watch this video, as it will help you get the most out of your toy projector.

Please understand, the LEAST expensive projector worth getting is the TH575 from BenQ. It's about 5-10 times as much money, and it's their bottom of the line model. There's a reason why major manufacturers cost more. It's because they make a properly warranteed, quality product. That all costs some money.

Keep in mind as well, these cheap projectors often fail in 1-2 years, so you may be shopping for another projector before you expect to.
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