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Topic: Need help with repair Panasonic Pt-Ae4000
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Greetings from Ukraine. I bought this projector in non-working condition for a small price in the hope of repairing it. (Visually, all the boards are perfect, and the projector is practically dust-free inside, like new, the LAMP and TEMP diodes do not light up).

It can be seen that the lamp in the projector is new, Osram, but without a casing like the original. I suspect that after the old lamp burned out, people installed a new one, but the projector did not start.

The problem is that the projector, after turning on the "main power" button, the fans immediately turn on at full power and spin endlessly (at this time the stand by mod LED is on). After pressing the power button, the green LED turns on, but the lamp does not light up and after 5 seconds the projector goes into standby mode and at this moment the fans turn off. After this, the projector no longer responds to the buttons. I can't find the problem. Maybe you can tell me where to look and what the problem might be. I will be grateful for any hint. thanks in advance.
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You may have better luck getting a response by posting this over on our Facebook Group. These forums don't see a lot of action and we do see more at Facebook at this time.
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