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Topic: Vividstorm floor rising projector screens
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Does anyone here own one of these floor rising projector screens ? How is it? Flat, no lines when fully out? How do you like the company/brand? I do not want to post a link because you all will say I am advertising it. Unless you all say it is ok.

Just wondering if they are worth it? I never seen any review of the version I may want. VSDSTALR120H maybe

I like this new feature the latest updated version has but guessing even if you have a older version it is possible to get sense it says free update obviously. I will make sure by asking.

To be honest I would prefer a manual floor rising screen sense in my opinion less likely to break but I could be wrong. I can not find a tab tension floor rising manual one though.

This would be used with a BenQ HT3550 projector if it matters.
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Do not buy a long throw ALR screen unless you ABSOLUTELY must get one.

Get a matte grey screen if possible, or even standard white, and control the ambient lighting in your room.

Vividstorm seems to be well respected and they seem to make a reliable product from all that I have heard. I know the YouTube channel, thehookup, uses Vividstorm UST/ALR screens for their stuff as well as some others.

UST/ALR screens are entirely different tech than long throw ALR screens. Long throw ALR screens shimmer and sparkle and have very poor image uniformity issues. They REQUIRE your projector be no less than 1.5x the screen width away as well for operation.

This is your choice, but it's not a defect when the image has sparkle and shimmer to it with these screens, that's how they look.

Because of the different tech used, ultra-short throw ALR screens do not have this same issue.
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