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Topic: BenQ vs JVC
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Here's a comparison I would like to see more about to help me make a buying decision. I am on the fence.

The shootout?

BenQ HT4550i vs JVC LX-NZ30

Is this a reasonable comparison?

What is your experience with these two?
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I don't think there is really a shootout I've seen between these two, but I think JVC does a pretty average job overall with their DLP products, and BenQ would be my go to for DLP at that price point. has reviewed both models, while Projector Central has only reviewed the HT4550i.

The bottom line is that these are DLP models, and not ideal for a dedicated and properly blacked out home theater, but they are good for rooms with white walls/ceilings. The most noticeable upgrade if you went to the Epson 5050UB, LS11000, or LS12000 would be the improvement in black levels.
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