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Topic: Sony VPL-HW45ES Drop Tube Length?
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Hi all,

I'm in the middle of a move and have taken my existing projector (and screen) from my old house to the new (to me). My projector is a Sony VPL-HW45ES and my screen is a Screen Innovations 110.

This new house has an existing media room equipped with a JVC DLA-X30BU projector and a screen (approx 118, brand unknown but the fabric seems different from my SI). I've already removed the old JVC projector. The screen will be more involved to change because it's integrated into a fairly ornate custom wood media wall. For now, I'm leaving the screen in place.

The JVC projector was mounted to the ceiling via a Gabor UPMP-1000 mount with pan and tilt and was tilted down quite a bit. If I'm remembering correctly, tilting a projector to get the image on screen is not ideal, so for my Sony installation, I'd like to use a drop tube and the manual image shift to drop the image onto the screen. My primary question is regarding how long of a drop tube to use. The approximate distance from the ceiling to the top of the screen is 28 inches.

Any recommendations on drop distance?

Thank you.
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The HW45ES has a maximum lens shift of about 20% above the top of the image. With a 57" tall image, that puts the maximum height at about 11" above the top of the screen. But, I would drop it some and put it about 6" above the top of the screen at the most to the center of the lens of the Sony.

This is (kinda correctly) listed on the throw distance calculator here...

Button line is to target for 6" or less to the top of the screen.
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