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Topic: Optoma DLP 4K Ultra HD fan issues
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After confirming the fan was not operating using my bench supply, I checked the voltages at the board connector. There's the +12.2 and a good ground I couldn't find a original replacement 75mm 4 wire fan so I ordered a 80mm 3.6w 12v fan from Mouser. Wired the connections and got the projector to fire up and run. Well, at least for a minuet before the "Fan lock" message appears.
Without the fan plugged in the voltages for the PWM are 3.3v and 1.2v for the Tach. Plugged in and running the voltages are the same as the small squirrel cage blower.
I did some board component checks and may of found a short. Three caps appear to be shorted (I think?).
The back story:
My son took it to the Geek Squad and after a week or two they said it can't be fixed, "board level" problem. I restore vintage audio and have been tinkering on the SMD repair techniques so I'm a little fresh on TS issues.
Maybe you guys and gals can help me?
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Rarely does FixItFrank hit up these forums, but he does participate in the Facebook group. Please join us over there!

NOTE: You MUST answer the question about why you want to join or I won't give you entry. Too many spammers on Facebook.

Frank is an awesome guy and can really get into the weeds with you on how to repair things and will ask some really specific questions that are way over my head.
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