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Topic: Epson 5040UB - Now What?
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So I got caught up in the famous 5040UB projector failure group.
I bought the projector circa 2019 after reading so many glowing reviews as the projector to have in those days. The projector worked fine for years, then sat unused for a year or so. When I recently went to fire it up, I got a blue flashing light and nothing else and then it went dead in the water.
After describing the symptoms to Epson they said that it is probably the main board that would need to be replaced.
Can I get the part and install it myself? It looks like the cost of labor and parts, if even available, are cost prohibitive for an authorized service company to do the work: I might as well buy a new projector and start with a clean slate.
So, does anyone have thoughts on this process?

This product failure has me gun shy of buying anything from Epson again. Was the 5040UB an anomaly? Are other Epson projectors likely to have the same long term issues? More than a few people have said never again to Epson.

As far as brands go, what companies have the best records in terms of reliability and longevity?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Anybody want a 5040UB for parts?
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If you jump on the Facebook group for projector central, I would bet there would be a number of takers on a for parts 5040UB for sure. The Epson models tend to last quite a long time, but it was more often the power supply which had the most issues on the 5040UB. I wouldn't say it is common to have other major issues like you have encountered. It's not normal for Epson.

I think that everyone can end up a bit gun shy when they have a product fail by a manufacturer. The Epson 5050UB does not have unusual reliability issues reported and would be a model which would offer a bit of a upgrade on the 5040UB. Realistically, nothing close to the price of the 5050UB is as good. But, the BenQ HT4550i is a reasonable option if you want something good in that similar price range.

The big thing that will be the case is that black levels on the BenQ won't be as good as what the Epson has been giving you. But, it's a good model.

I will say that better reliability tends to come from Sony and JVC products, but they aren't inexpensive options for sure. Starting at about $5,000 for the models you would want from them (LCoS).
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