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Topic: Mitsubishi HC3800 shutting down – colour wheel? Calibration?
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This is my first post on the forum– hopefully somebody can give me a clue/lead…

I’ve had my Mitsubishi HC3800 for several years now (bought it used from a showroom). It’s been a real champ. Replaced the bulb a couple of times.
The last time I opened it up to clean out a fan as I was getting a high temperature error and decided I would clean the colour wheel. Big mistake I think!
It made noise and the screen was weird after that.
I bought another wheel off eBay, put it in and fired it up.
Everything works normally for about 20 seconds.

Then the display goes from normal colours to black-and-white and jittery and shuts down within about three seconds.
This process is very repeatable.

There’s a slight vibrating noise during this “black-and-white” display episode.
After the flashing green LED as it cools down, I can immediately restart it and see the same again.
Any ideas??
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It sounds to me like there is still an issue with the color wheel. Unfortunately, I'm not a technician and don't work on things. You may have a bit more luck if you jump on the Facebook Projector Central group and maybe Fix It Frank will be able to chime in with some thoughts on this.

It would be helpful for you to take a video of the issue and post that to the topic on Facebook.
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