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Topic: Projector with large vertical lens shift
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Panasonic Europe PT-AT6000E
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I have two home theater installations in two homes. In both rooms the distance from the lens to the 100" screen is around 3m and the projectors (Panasonic AE3000 and AT6000) are mounted on the ceiling (see attached image). I am using practically the whole horizontal and vertical lens shift available in both cases.
As the Panasonics have a few years on their back, I am looking to potential replacements. Most attractive models are eliminated because of insufficient lens shift. Some Epsons might fit the bill.
If I need to substantially change the way the projectors are mounted, I will need to refurbish and repaint the two rooms. I would prefer to put that money towards a good projector.
I would be grateful for some pointers as to which current state of the art projectors might be suitable for my use case.


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The Epson 5050UB will do it. They have the most lens shift of any projector on the market and look quite good. They would be direct upgrades/replacements to the models you have.

TW9400 in Europe I believe?
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