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Topic: I want to buy a home theater set from VIVIDSTORM. Do you have any good suggestions?
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My new home is being renovated. I want to buy a screen & projector & cabinet to create my home theater. The price is around $10k. Do you have any good suggestions for me? I want to buy these products from VIVIDSTORM
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Vividstorm has some decent products. The floor rising screens are pretty well reviewed if that's what you're after. For fixed frame UST/ALR screens, there are other options out there which are also very well reviewed and may perform better or similar for less money to consider.

For a projector, I would give a serious look at the Epson LS800 as well as the Formovie Theater as they are incredibly tough to beat for the money. Though, with a higher budget, I might look at the AWOL LTV-3500 as a potential option as that's a really bright model with good performance as well.
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