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Topic: Custom Built Screen for Interactive Installation
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I have an interactive fractal generator project I'm working on and am putting together schematics for an installation. Curious if anyone has any input.

The screen will hang from the center of a 33' geodesic dome and I'd like it to be about 20' wide, so that's a little over 11' high at 16x9.

We'll be performing / projecting on one side of the dome, and the other side will be for viewing, so the material needs to work for rear projection.

I've never made my own screen before, but from what I've seen, spandex seems to be quite common.

I don't have a projector that meets the specs I need, but that won't be hard to obtain. It will only be going on at night, and the dome will have significant light shielding in case there's excessive light in any adjacent spots.

WOULD LOVE any feedback. Many thanks.
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The biggest issue is that projectors are designed to focus onto a single focal plane, not a dome. So, you have a curved surface to deal with.

This is an exercise in some significant engineering more than anything else. Fun, but difficult to deliver.

The most typical way of doing rear projection (which ALL major projectors support without issue) is to use multiple projectors in a edge blended, color balanced system. This is how flight simulators do things. A shockingly small screen area may use a half dozen or a dozen different projectors so everything is properly in focus.

I have NO designed things like this, ever. I've just seen them in use, and have some idea of the headache involved in the setup. It's expensive, and it's a absolute ton of work to get right. Especially getting the color balance and edge blending right.

Generally, if you can keep the focal plane fairly flat, then you can get away with a single projector. If dark enough, that 320+ square foot screen would demand no less than 7,000+ ANSI/ISO lumens as the rating.
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