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Topic: Outdoor under deck projector
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I'm debating a projector setup under this deck. Behind the picture we have a pool and yard and honestly it's hard to see the 60 inch tv and hear it. I have a benq for golf simulator but it's not nearly bright enough for something like this.

I'd like to watch sports in the afternoons and Obviously have concerns with brightness but it is covered under the deck.

I know it's not ideal outdoors but what about a 4000 lumens viewsonic or something like that.

Would like to stay under 1k. Ideally less. I mean I could also buy a 600 dollar hisense 85 inch lol. But 120 inches is better!

Thanks for all help
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This is a lie repeated often on websites trying to sell projectors, but you will find they NEVER have photos of any projectors actually being used outdoors during the day.

It's just a myth.

Watch these videos for reference...

Televisions are FAR brighter than projectors are, even cheap televisions do a better job than projectors. So, if you can't see your TV because it's not bright enough, then a projector will just be that much worse.

If size is an issue, a projector does sound nice, but it is only usable after dark.
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