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Topic: Projector lamp not illuminating
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Hello all,

I have an InFocus LP1000B That's also the model number: LP1000B

I replaced the burned out lamp a few years ago, tested its projection by connecting my computer and it looked fine. I then put the projector back in its box lined with packing foam and set it aside in a closet while I worked on remodeling my house and home theater. I pulled it out today to do a quick test, powered it up but with no source connected and the lamp did not come on. The cooling fan comes on and the top control buttons illuminate when pushing the power button; although, the projector does not turn off when pushing the power button again. I pulled the lamp; it looks good. In storage the projector was not bumped about, no moisture or anything to disturb it. No lens cap; that's gone missing.

My question: shouldn't the lamp come on even though no source is connected, or does a source have to be connected and feeding for the lamp to come on? I didn't connect a source for the test, having to find and dig out cables as well as reconfiguring my source currently in use. I would think a connected source is not required just for the lamp to come on since there is a menu button on the projector for picture set up and such, but nothing shows when pressing that.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.
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Unfortunately, projectors can have any number of things go wrong with them, even when in storage. Had a TV stop powering on after I had stored it for a few years. Quite frustrating. Most often, this is not a lamp issue, but a power supply related problem.

So, not likely good news.

The flip side, is that this model should never go into anyone's home. It was already somewhat dated 20+ years ago when it went out of production.

I would recommend that you consider a used projector from eBay if you are trying to get a basic setup going that looks decent.

While a decent 1080p projector may run about $250, you can get a solid WXGA (1280x800) resolution model for under $100 which will look better than the old Infocus. I've used the Panasonic FW430 which I picked up for $40 and it looks pretty good. Certainly for $40.
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