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Topic: Barco F90-W13 Uses/Power Questions
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Barco F90-W13
Projector Specs
Hi all, I have a Barco f90-W13 projector that I recently acquired. What are the best uses for this beast? Also, where is the best place to try and sell it? It has about 9000 hours on it and is fully functional from what I can tell. It has a long throw 2.37-3.79:1 (EN14) lens. Any idea of value?

Also, relating to power, I was testing it out and it shut down unexpectedly, the surge protector tripped. I checked the power cord and it had a little melted part on the end that connects to the projector. Does this use more power than most? I did have to buy a new cord for it because it didn't come with one. It had a funny plug end on it, so I had to get an adapter to plug in to my home outlet. Any help on power requirements would be great and appreciated. Thanks for any and all help!
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There is no way to value these types of models really. The specifications are quite good and it is a very bright model, but finding a 'high end' buyer is not straightforward. The easiest sale is eBay and whatever someone is willing to pay.

This is the type of model which might be good for a rental and staging company, but it isn't likely to go into any standard commercial installation because they almost always buy brand new and they want a full warranty.

It is a very bright model, but is still a single chip DLP unit. While only recently discontinued, it could still be 7+ years old.

Barco is often a finicky product. It is best to have images of the entire projector, know for sure what lens is in use, and to show photos of the projector actually in use and the image quality.
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