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Topic: Help selling my Sanyo PLV-HD150 7000 ANSI Lumen Large Venue Projector
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I bought a Sanyo PLV-HD150 projector that works like new and cosmetically in great shape and has an upgraded lens on it with remote. I'm trying to sell it for a great price and I'm wondering what price I could sell it for so it will sell fast. I don't want to cut myself short but I want to sell quickly and I don't know any places that will buy it or who. I know it says $44,900 street value but I'm not trying to do that although it's in great working and physical condition. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great or if someone is interested make me an offer or trade. Thank you everybody.
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15 years ago this was a really nice projector. The problem is that it is 15 year old technology and not only is it out of warranty, Sanyo doesn't even exist as a company anymore. Panasonic may still support this model if it needed repairs. They probably would deal with it.

The other rub is that this isn't like a $50,000 sports car from 15 years ago that would still have a lot of value. It has been surpassed, by a good bit, by new technology.

To get 7,000 lumens, this projector needed 4 UHP lamps inside of it and draws a fair bit of power and puts a lot of heat in the room it is being used in.

Today, a brand new, full warranty, laser lamp source (no lamps to change ever!), 7,000 lumen projector from a major manufacturer can be had for about $3,500.

There are multiple models available for under $4,000.

The simple reality is, that if what you have is in good condition, doesn't have any color issues, and is more or less pristine, then the best way to sell it is via eBay, and getting more than $1,000 for it would frankly be a shock. At $2,000, I would tell someone to buy something new with a full warranty and laser lamp system.

You would want to power on the projector, show that it is actually in perfect working order. Show that the remote is included, show the lamp hours that have been used. Show that everything is as expected. Hook up a HDMI source to it and show it in action. That will all help with selling it.

To actually sell it quick, you should set it up as an auction and accept whatever the final bid is as the amount you will get for it via eBay. You can try other methods to sell it, but used business class projector typically sell for a fraction of their new price. The true definition of pennies on the dollar.

I often recommend the Panasonic FW430 projector as a cheap option.
It was $4,000 new.
I bought mine for $40 shipped to my door and it works fine. So, 1/100 of what it was new is how much it sold for... and it is at least a 5 year newer design than what you are working with, from a manufacturer that is still in business.

Keep your expectations in serious check on this product when you go to sell it.
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