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Topic: 4000+ lumen portable projector for live shows?
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Hi there!

I'm a VJ hoping to make an upgrade from a Casio XJ-A251 (, which I was very happy with. It's super portable (easy to rig for shows) and sturdy. But I've had it for almost a decade, and I feel like there should be better projectors out there by now.

Using ProjectorCentral's filters didn't get me to a good recommendation, so I thought I'd ask here.

Is there something on the market that is as portable as the Casio XJ-A251 (or at least close to it), but
- 4000 lumens or more (preferably more)
- HD (1920x1080)

I'd appreciate any recommendation! Thanks!
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The Casio models have a few issues that you likely are unaware of.

First, they never reached their brightness claims, so they are a good deal dimmer than they indicate.

Second, they are pretty low resolution at 1280x800 (WXGA), which is largely viewed as too low to work with these days.

A big issue, that I'm glad you didn't run into, is that they tended to fail. Their compact size led to overheating issues for a lot of owners which is, obviously, catastrophic when you have such a product.

I'm not sure how 'portable' you need your model. The Sanyo is a excellent form factor being similar in size to a laptop computer and very lightweight.

At the end of the day, to really get more light output, you need a larger light source, which then requires more cooling. So, the size is absolutely going to be larger and heavier. It won't be that laptop size that is so awesome. We are seeing a lot more small, lightweight/portable projectors on the market, but they aren't actually brighter. They just have some wonky form factor that travels fairly well, or moves from room to room easily and has a decent (?) speaker in it.

Looking at the "Find a Projector" feature on Projector Central, this is what I would be looking at...<g=101&dt=1.0.0&oop=3#list

These are only LCD projectors in the widescreen aspect ratio with 4,000-7,000 lumens and a solid state (laser) light source. Weight is limited to under 10 pounds. There is nothing as lightweight as that Casio on this list.

The cheapest model isn't a bad option...

I expect you would find it a fairly solid upgrade on the Casio.

If you want a lot more of an upgrade, I might consider a larger projector with a LOT more light output and a higher price point. It won't be 'huge' but it will be a big model like the Panasonic EZ570 or EZ590 projectors on eBay for under $1,000 which are 5,000 lumens.
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