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Topic: CineBeam PF610P optimal setup to project on a yellowish wall
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I am new to projector world and I would like to know, what is an optimal setup for CineBeam PF610P to watch movies projecting on a white-yellowish wall? What parameters should I play with?
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Generally, you should connect to a Blu-ray Disc player and use a Blu-ray Calibration disc, or head over to the Spears and Munsil website to get the proper calibration files and filters and run through their basic calibration and setup for best results for your projector. They will have information as to how to utilize their tool to effectively get the most out of your image.

Realistically, if you are projecting onto something other than a white or neutral screen you can't really 'fix' that. It's going to color the image and throw things off. This is why screens are sold.
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