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Topic: Daily auto switch on/off of a projector
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We would like to set up our projector so that it switches off (standby) at a pre-set time every evening and restores itself (exit standby) likewise every morning - all without human intervention.
It will point at a website for content and so when restoring every morning it should point at the same website.
Does anyone know the best way of doing this?
Many thanks.
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There are any number of commercial projectors which can be purchased which have an integrated scheduling system for powering on/off on a daily basis. This is not a common feature of residential projectors, just like your TV at home doesn't have that type of feature built in. Otherwise, you can use some type of control system and setup a schedule to power in on/off on a daily basis. I use Crestron and have setup schedules like this for clients who have had a similar need.

As far as a web browser, you would just connect a computer to the projector to do so. Something like a small NUC PC or similar and you just let it run all the time with the proper website setup and loaded and ready to go.
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