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Topic: Will ET-ELS20 work In PT-EW540L
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I’m looking for a zoom lens for a EW540 I picked up fairly cheaply second hand. It’s for a charity project, projecting onto a building, so not looking to break the bank.

I was wondering if the ET-ELS20 lens would work in the EW540. There’s lots of conflicting lists as to which lens will work with which projector and just wanted to confirm before splashing the cash! Is there a rule of thumb as to which series of lens’s will work?

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Panasonic actually has a very good business projector support group. They are the best 'official' word on which lenses will work with which projectors. Because of the different mounts used for different projectors, there is no real telling of how it will or won't work.
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ET-ELS20 lens can not fit EW540 projector, the chip size is not the same.