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Topic: Short Throw edge blending colors different
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we are in need of help. We just bought 2 WEMAX Nova 4K UHD Ultra Short Throw Smart Laser Projector HDR10 150" Projectors to create one large screen. The issue we are having is not in the edge blending, but that they are showing 2 different colors. For example, if it is white, the left shows what's on the computer while the right projector is a little more yellow.

We don't notice it as much on dark screens but on lighter screens it's creating a rainbow type where blended and two different colors are between the projectors.

We have tried changing the colors on the projectors and the computer. But when they are turned on with identical settings, they are a tad different.
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This is why edge blending is incredibly difficult to get correct and why projectors are so finicky. Color accuracy, even within the same brand, is VERY difficult with projectors and these types of models are in no way designed for color matching from model to model to model. Just putting two projectors side by side typically shows a very clear difference in the white balance and color accuracy.

It's important to use a proper colorometer and to do very accurate color matching, especially in white balance. Even then, it may still be off some because it tends to be higher end models which have better color rendition and ultra high end models are specifically lamp-matched and use sequential serial numbers on models to ensure they come from the same batch and are more likely to have dead accurate color matching for edge blending setups.

It's tougher than some think it would be.
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