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Topic: Projector Recommendations Wanted!
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My trusty Optoma HD80 finally bit the dust after 15 years. Time for an upgrade.

The projector landscape sure has a lot of choices in 2022!

The BenQ X3000i looks like a wonderful choice, and is at the max of my WAF price range. But it looks like those won't be back in stock until next year.

Screen = 120" diagonal
Room = 21' long - Long or short throw can be accommodated
Windows = None - Total blackout
Usage = Streaming/Blu-Ray(some 4K)/Xbox Series X (Yeah, I know I'm not getting HDMI 2.1)

What do you think I want?

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Well, I would answer here first most often, but I gave my recommendation over at AVS already. I would stick with that. But, you have options.
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