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Topic: Optoma UHD60 HDMI issues
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I bought the Optoma UHD60 back in June of 2019. I have had both HDMI circuits go out on it at least 6 times. Up until now, it's been covered under warranty. They say it's due to a surge in the circuit... None of my other equipment is having any problems, I have added grounds to the HDMI circuits, all of the home theater equipment is running on back-up power suppliers and surge protectors. Has anyone else experienced this, or have any constructive advise to eliminate this problem?
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It depends on what source is feeding the HDMI input on the projector as that may be where the surge itself is coming from. You may have a source which is the problem.

Or, it could just be Optoma with another product of questionable build quality. This has been ramping up more and more in recent years where their build quality simply isn't where others (BenQ/Epson) are at.
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