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Topic: Can Epson Home Cinema 2150 be used with vivostorm's ALR screen?
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My projector is an Epson Home Cinema 2150 with 2500 lumens

I'm interested in vivostorm's screen, is it suitable to use their bsidian Long Throw ALR screen? Or the ALR 3D version?
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I assume you mean Vividstorm.

Vividstorm makes both UST and standard/long throw ALR screens. If you don't own a screen from them, then I would strongly recommend that you avoid their standard throw model screen as it suffers, like most do, from bad image quality.

Their UST ALR screen performs much better and is the way to go. It must be used with a matching UST projector.

Their standard UST material will work with most standard throw projectors, but you want the projector as far back as possible for acceptable results.
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