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Topic: Issue with Optoma 1080GT Darbee
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Hi there,

I wonder if you could offer some advice?
I have an Optoma GT1080 Darbee projector, worked like a charm for years. 2 weeks ago it started buzzing (just once) and since then has not operated correctly.
The next time i turned it on, the light kept flashing blue and projector wouldnt boot. Then after a while the power led started flashing red and the lamp led came on.
So i bought a new lamp. That arrived this week, installed it, and the projector booted up ok first time.  Unfortunately the colours were terrible, was like watching tv with all colour/contrast settings turned up to max.  I restarted the projector and since then it hasn't even booted.
I have opened and cleaned all of the dust out, but the red lights just keep coming on (power LED flashing and red lamp light)
Any suggestions as to my next step?
Thanks, greatly appreciated
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Sounds like the color wheel has gone bad. This is a common issue with many DLP projectors as the color wheel is a motorized part that does fail given enough time. As well, they are SUPER fragile, so there are lots of reports of color wheels which break apart. It is not 'typical' for a color wheel to fail on projectors that often, but it does happen.

A buzzing sound with bad colors is a indicator of a color wheel issue.

You can check out FixItFrank on YouTube to see some videos of what is involved in a color wheel replacement. This is not a repair I have ever performed.
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