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Topic: EPSON EH-LS300B blue background - shifted color
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I have an Epson EH-LS300B and the colors have completely shifted. Instead of a black background, it’s blue and therefore all colors have a blue shade. I have attached a photo as example.

I have read on this forum it could be the polarizer? The issues i have read with polarizers is that is shifted colours are in regions. My screen is uniformly shifted blue, maybey somewhere a bad connection inside?

Is this something expensive to get fixed?

Thank you very much in advance for any advice.
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Blue shifted colors

480 × 640 pixels (85.08 KB)
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If this model is outside of the warranty period, then it may be a fair bit for the repair. It's always hard to say how much a repair will be since many different things could be wrong.

It should NOT be outside of warranty as it carries a 2-year warranty and was only released 19 months ago. So, your first and best step is to reach out to Epson for support.

The most obvious thing that could be wrong is that a cable has failed, or wasn't properly connected to one of the polarizers. The best way to check is by running a pure color to the projector. Red, green, then blue. Or run color bars up on screen. It appears that you may have lost red altogether. This could be as simple as a connector for the red panel being loose or having come disconnected, but it could be a failure of the red panel entirely. Who knows?

This is a atypical issue. It doesn't happen often that I see this type of failure of an entire panel shown.

If outside of warranty, you may want to open things up yourself and take a deep dive into the connections and see what is going on yourself. Take your time and don't lose or miss screws in the process. Check out FixItFrank on YouTube to get an idea of what you may be dealing with and how to go about things.
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