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Topic: Flashes on screen
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Posting for the first time hi all, I have a vivitek h1185hd have been getting flashes on the screen and then my projector would shut down, thought this was due to the lamp. I put in an original bulb in, stil the same issue, then managed to get a colour wheel and changed that too, but still having the same issue. Any ideas?.
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A flickering light source is often power supply related, but it is hard to know for sure or to diagnose such an issue without having a professional repair person look at it.

You can reach out to FixItFrank on YouTube, but it is a tough remote diagnosis.

With the age of the projector, if you've used it regularly, it may be time to consider a new model. The BenQ HT2050a would be a very parallel move, but would potentially show higher reliability if it works in your space.
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