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Topic: AV Mute or Turn On and Off?
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I have an Optoma GT1090HDR Full HD Short-Throw Laser DLP Projector

I will be alternating playing a video for 10 minutes, and then would like the screen to be dark for 10 minutes. This will be repeated happen 3 times. <play, dark, play, dark, play, dark> Is it most energy efficient to use the mute AV button, or to turn the unit on and off each time? I am using an external battery outdoors, so power consumption is very important. Also, what is best for the machine?

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It will be most energy efficient to turn it off I would strongly suspect.

It would be best for the projector to leave it on.

I would probably do some testing though and would look into a voltage meter to see how much energy draw you actually get when the projector is blanked out. It may draw very little power, but it's hard to say for certain.

I'm also not sure what 'image mute' options the projector may have which could lower laser and power draw when the unit is actually powered on.
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