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Topic: Requesting info about older screen.... It's pretty old lol... And a diy question
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I just picked up a really really good priced Elite vmax original screen.
However when I try to look up any info on it, I'm only able to locate info about the vmax2
Sticker on end says vmax150-wh65u000026

Can anyone tell me what kind of screen material and type of screen the original vmax had?

It looks like it's only rf remote but that's not important to me.
My main concern is the screen material.

Has anyone ever successfully taken a large electric screen and removed and replaced it with a better screen material and type?
For example, remove a plain white screen material and replaced it with an alr screen or cinegray3d screen material?

I also have an older rhvision electric screen that appears to be an elite screen rebranded but the case is really robust compared to the kind available at home depot that have real thin metal case. Everything about it is built better but the screen is pretty old and unfortunately 4:3
But it appears to be 130" 4:3
So the material size is the same width as 120" 16:9....just a bit taller. In theory I think I could change it if I repainted the borders but again the screen on that is not as good as a newer screen might be.

I've considered repainting.
I am not sure I can paint well enough to repaint it and change the aspect ratio to 16:9 but I keep it as a last resort. Get some good screen coating, considering Partay, and redo the screen but am also worried I can apply coating correctly.

So my first idea is to just remove screen and replace it. Honestly it doesn't seem too hard on paper and I'm pretty familiar with electric roller blinds already, which seem to pretty much be the same as some electric projection screens.

But I would welcome any tips from someone who had done it already.

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