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Topic: 2007 Eiki LC-X80 LCD problem? (Pixelated despite good signal)
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Hi! Our church uses two Eiki LC-X80 projectors that were donated, and they have been great for a good long while. One day, unfortunately, I turned the left projector on and the screen was very pixelated in a very grid-like way. I had no idea what it might be, and while going through the settings to try and fix it, I discovered that it is only the signal that comes from my computer that is effected. The menu and all alerts and prompts from the projector itself are not affected by the pixelated grid-like pattern. I thought perhaps that maybe it was my signal, or the vga cable I had used, but not only did I test another cable and signal source, but the Right-side projector (that is the same make and model) is slaved to the Left-side projector and has none of the same problem. So I know for a fact that good signal is going into, and out of, the Left projector, but the picture its spitting out onto the wall is messed up. Unfortunately because of the age of the projector I haven't been able to find many people with the same issue. I did find one person that had a very very similar problem, and they were told that it was some kind of LCD controller issue.. Not sure if that is my problem, but I am hoping that someone on this site can give advice! I mainly need to know if it is anything I can fix myself, or if it is something that would cost too much to repair. Thanks!
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Any projector issues, other then replacement lamps, and maybe a fan, are going to be tough to diagnose and fix. Most likely, this issue is related to the main board and the video processing going bad. But, there is no way to know for sure. I don't do projector repairs, but I've heard enough stories over the years to help dial in some possible causes.

The main processing being the issue makes sense, as that likely is after the portion that passes video into your second projector.

I will ask if you've tried other inputs on the projector like the DVI input? That may be an option if only a certain input has gone bad.

A real headache in churches, schools, and other places is that they don't budget for replacement AV and it is always something of a shock when a 'must use' item suddenly fails. So, be aware that certain portions of a AV chain in any facility should budget appropriately for about a 7-year maximum replacement plan. If it lasts longer, great, but if not, at least it doesn't hurt as much.

All this said, if you have no budget for a proper replacement, then I might look for a used model in good working order. The 6,500 lumen brightness is a big perk of this model as were the interchangeable lenses that allow you to place it almost wherever you wanted if you had the right lens for it.

If you can't afford a brand new replacement, then I might go the eBay route and pick up a exact replacement. Be aware that this was made by Sanyo (I believe) and marketed by several companies.
Sanyo PLC-XP100L
Christie LX650
Canon LV-7585

All three of those models are identical to the Eiki.

And, while the Eiki doesn't have many units on eBay, Sanyo has a few more and for less money...
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