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Topic: 2 year old Screen innovations Solo 2 screen kaput
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After going back and forth with SI for a month they told me they would only work with Magnolia, who I got the screen through. SO magnolia sent someone over to diagnose and the conclusion is a bad motor. SO a couple weeks later my Magnolia rep calls and tells me that because its out of warranty, which is 1 damn year, SI will not do nothing for me. THey will not even send a replacement motor. IM like WTF.

what a waste of damn money and the company will not stand by the product. So all SI owners, be on the look out for zero help from SI once your out of warranty in one damn year. My rep thinks they are getting parts from china. Probably alibaba.....SHAME

So Now im searching for a possible motor replacement. DOes anyone have any ideas?

If not im gonna have to buy another screen, and it definitely will not be SI again. They have definitely lost a customer for life.