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Topic: Small short range brightness - bang for buck
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I want to run a small projector on a screen 1.5m away in normal light conditions.

The image doesn't need to be super high resolution or world class quality BUT it NEEDs to be easily/clearly visible.

Preferably the unit is small.

I've tried a couple of cheap crappy Picos and a Philips NeoPix Prime2 and they aren't good enough.

What type of projector can you recommend? Thank you!
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What content are you showing?

What does 'normal' mean? Outside in the sun is normal. As is inside in the dark. Have you gotten a light meter and measured the light at the location you are using it at? That's critical to ensure proper light output.

Generally speaking, in a normally lit boardroom with florescent lighting, the projector should emit no less than 80 lumens per square foot of screen size. More typically being a bit better.

Pico projectors, occupy an entire class of chip as created by Texas Instruments. So, it can be a 10 lumen projector to beyond a 1,000 lumens of brightness.

A model like the P300 from AAXA Tech may be a better way to go if all you've tried is really cheap stuff (junk?) up to this point.

The Philips NeoPix is truly a piece of junk. No better than what is being offered for under $100 on Amazon.

This would be what I would call a minimum projector:

Image size MUST be small though. This isn't a business class model with high brightness. You are also being super slim on details about your use case, which isn't helping give a great answer.
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