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Topic: Garage set up in cold climates
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I live in North east Ohio and I am going to be building a golf simulator in my garage. Is there any specific type of projector I need to be looking at? The garage is only going to be heated when I decide to actually use the simulator. Will the projector be able to handle the fluctuations in temperatures or am I going to need to take my projector into the warmer climate house every time I’m done using it? Or can I turn it on and warm it up before every use?
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Projector manufacturers typically publish their operating condition requirements in the owner's manual.

Please be aware that all projectors are made using sensitive electronics. If you wouldn't be comfortable using a laptop that is stored in the garage due to cold weather, then a projector will be even more of an issue.

The problem really is potential condensation forming on the electronics of the unit combined with a very hot lamp which warms up the silicon and the glass elements, then could attract moisture causing issues.

I have no issues with a projector stored in a cold environment, but I would not think that it would be ideal to turn it on/off on a regular basis in that cold environment without potential issues.

You are right to be concerned, but I don't have a solid answer on how it will impact the life of the projector.

If you get a really nice projector mount, like a Chief RPMAU, then you can remove and install a projector in about sixty seconds. So, you aren't completely out of options if you want to bring it in/out between use. Cheap mounts do not align to a screen easily, so I would go with a good mount that has a great quick release like the RPMAU.
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