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Topic: VPL HW40ES "Smearing" Image
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My long-term Sony VPL HW40ES has started exhibiting a new (bad) behavior, basically "smearing" the image. It is most apparent when there are icons on screen such as a login screen. Where those icons used to be sharp as far as edges or shape, the colors are smeared, faintly, but definitely smeared, generally in a diagonal fashion lower left to upper right.

For example, on the Prime login screen, where the user icons used to be sharp squares, they now have icon colored smears or streaks extending away from the icons.

I've tried cleaning the lens using a quality glass cleaner as well as rubbing alcohol. No change. No worse. No better.

The bulb has about 1800 hours on it.

Would a weak bulb do this?
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The lamp is a light source. Much like all light sources, they don't create the image. The LCoS chips and the image processor create the image. The light source just lights that image. A VERY dim light source makes a very dim, low contrast, just as sharp, image.

This sounds like the image processor is gone bad.

Not a good sign. Unfortunately, even though there isn't a ton of hours overall on the projector, it is years old and may be time to replace it. If you are overall happy with what the Sony has delivered, the HW45ES is a excellent model and should give you another 10 years of performance.
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