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Topic: Golf Simulator Projector
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I have been looking at the BenQ LK936ST for my golf simulator. I currently have an Optoma WU515TST. When I plug my dimensions in to the throw calculator on Projector Central, I get an estimated brightness of 34fL for the Optoma and 28fL for the BenQ.

Can anyone help me with understanding if the 4K picture from the BenQ will be better than the Optoma? I have a low light environment, but I want to make sure that the drop in brightness is not a significant issue.

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The brightness drop should be almost imperceptible.

I'm not sure for a golf simulator setup I would update from a WUXGA model to a 4K model. A lot of the quality will be based upon having a computer that is strong enough to deliver full 4K support and having software which truly supports 4K.

The BenQ would be an excellent choice as a initial purchase option, but if you already own a $4,000+ projector, going to the BenQ is going to be very sideways in terms of overall quality, and just a bump to the resolution, which may be visible, but may not be a huge jump.
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