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Topic: Elite Screens 120-inch 16:9 Tripod Projector Screen with Stand would this be stupid to do to it?
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So I don't have to waste it or buy another projector screen. Take it out of the metal case, the whole screen, then hang it on my wall ? Like make it kinda a fixed frame screen but without a metal or plastic border.

Would this even work well? Is it worth it?

Unless it is better to just keep using it as is. Until it breaks.

Screen is Maxwhite.
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The reason fixed frame screens work so well is because of the tension that the frame adds to the material. It stretches it, like a painting canvas, to ensure that the material is properly flat.

It doesn't make sense to move the material from one location to another unless you intend to build a frame for it and stretch the material over the frame to improve the flatness of the material.

If you are up for building a frame to mount the material on, then that could be an improvement over the roll up screen itself.
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