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Topic: EPSON - bad image quality
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Hi everyone,

I already wrecked an Epson home cinema 3020 in 2018 after I chose to open it myself so I though I would reach out to a team that knows their stuff before my second attempt.

I have an Epson home cinema 1060 that just started acting up. See pictures.

I already swapped the projector lamp and this blur remained, hence I realized this had something to do with the lens/optic assembly. It looks like a burn/blur has built up inside the lens assembly behind the glass.

Would anyone have some advice on how to go about it?
Should I try to take it apart and clean up the layer of glass that is inside? Do you think this is a job I can do as a novice?

Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thank you in advance!


epson blur inside lens

766 × 882 pixels (142.21 KB)
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I can't tell exactly what is going on there. It would be more useful to put up a test pattern or something similar which can show exactly what is going on.

Lamps create light for the image, they have nothing to do with the image. Hopefully ANY lamp you put into your projector is a Epson branded factory original lamp, and not some second hand market stuff. The aftermarket lamps are notorious for destroying projectors. Literally running too hot and melting optics and internal plastics.

Anyway, I would take a long time looking at videos from FixItFrank on YouTube before doing anything internal to a projector. They all come apart completely, and he's the man with the videos on how it is done.
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