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Topic: Can I paint my old white screen to get better contrast?
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Hi all,

I got an Optoma UHD35 recently and am pretty happy with it except for the contrast. The black levels I see are pretty poor even in a dark environment where the only light is that which the projector makes. But my projector screen is white (and retractable)and that likely makes matters worse.

Rather than purchase a new, gray screen, is there a way that I could paint my existing screen to increase contrast? If so, which paint would you recommend?

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Painting a screen is fine, but if it is retractable, then it likely will get cracks in it soon enough. If you have light colored walls/ceiling, then the best way to increase contrast is to paint walls and ceiling darker if at all possible.

It is very much an entry level projector as well which means it is towards the lower end of contrast available. So, expectations need to be kept in check.
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