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Topic: 0.75:1 Throw 4K Projector?
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Hello chaps and chappetes,

I would like to call upon your assistance in helping me locate a 0.75:1 throw ratio 4K projector? Does such a device currently exist? It would be most splendid if so.

Any help would be much appreciated,

Best Regards,

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Not that I know of. Or at least, not at a reasonable price.

The closest may be the BenQ TK700STi.

It gets as close as .9

The request for more standard short throw models has been around since day one of the 4K models and simply hasn't been brought to market by ANYONE. I have no idea why.

Ultra short throw? Sure, no problem.

Also, the expensive models with interchangeable lenses at $10,000+ have some options.

Just nothing at a reasonable price.
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